Introducing the Mobile App

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The Gruntify Mobile App is designed to create and update requests in the field, and record Trip Reports which logs where the field workers travel. All the map features are designed to simplify recording details in the field, making use of the phone or tablets location tracking, camera, microphone and touch screen to create an interface that feels natural to use.

It has different features to the web interface described in the Administration section, which is more about managing the forms to record data and managing the data recorded in the field.

The Gruntify mobile app is available on the App Store, Google Play Store and Microsoft Appsource. To download the app, simply click the store link via the Gruntify website or search for Gruntify in your preferred store. See the tutorial video below for more details.


If you are using an Enterprise edition with a customized Mobile App, you will be using a customized app center. Contact Support for more details.

The tutorial video below will explain the Gruntify Mobile App's overall features and screen layout. Tutorials in the Field Work section go more depth on the main features.

If you are working your way through the Getting Started tutorial trail, go on to Step 8: Dashboard Overview.

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