Data Analytics and Reporting

Once you have data in Gruntify on your Requests and Jobs, your users will want to review summaries of the data (Reporting) and export the data to be processed by other systems (Exports).

The Exports and Reports fall into two main categories:

Data Analytics

Dashboards: The Dashboards support simple reporting widgets that are used to monitor system resources and commonly used, KPI style indicators such as how many Requests are being created. Users will have one automatic System Dashboard to monitor system resources and may have multiple customized Personal Dashboards.

OData: If the template-based reports are not sufficient for you to transfer data to another system, or to develop complex reports, Gruntify supports OData Exports. As an advanced feature, it is covered in tutorials in the Administration section, as Reporting using OData and Advanced Reporting using OData.

Template-Based Reports and Data Exports

Export of Gruntify Components: You can export Form definitions, for import into another Workspace. This is covered in the Form Management section.

Bulk Exports and Template-Based Reports: General reporting on most user-entered data can be created using standard report templates and/or user-created report templates, based on forms. Reports can be created for Requests, Jobs, and Assets. The exports can take the form of PDF, CSV/Excel, and GeoJSON formats. This is covered in the