Create Job from a Request

Often your field staff will see work that could be done by themselves or other staff members. This work may be covered as part of a contract with your current customers or maybe additional paying work for a new customer.

You will want your staff to capture the details of the work there and then so the opportunity is not lost, and to also minimize the effort afterward to create the Jobs.

Configure a Request Form

In the Form definition for a Request form, you can turn on the Details tab. Once turned on, the staff in the field see an additional Details tab when they work on a Request created with the form. On the Details tab is the basic information needed for a Job.

Request to Job

Once the Request is submitted, the Controller can Accept the Request, and then from the same screen Create a Job. The new job automatically has the information copied from the Details tab on the Request, as well as the Lat/Long Location or linked Assets of the Request. The Job can then have a team assigned to it as usual and the work performed.


To make things easier for the administrators, a button links the new Job back to the originating Request and vice versa.


In a similar manner, the job can be accessed from the request on the Mobile App.



Watch the video tutorial below for a step-by-step guide.