Mobile Troubleshooting

Gruntify on Android Hangs on First Start Up

Gruntify may take extra long to start up the very first time after installation. This may result in a “Gruntify Has Stopped” warning message. Just select the “Wait” option and Gruntify should complete loading soon after and you will be able to login or create a new account. This is due to some initialization that will not need to occur next time.

Gruntify Always Crashes Straight Away

If you suddenly find Gruntify is crashing on startup, there may be some odd data stored in the app cache. This problem can occur with any mobile app.

Android Solution

Try each step below and then try starting Gruntify again until it stops crashing on startup.

Step 1: Check if there is a new version of the Gruntify App. If there is, install the new version.

Step 2: Clear the App Cache. This will clear just the most transient data stored for the app. This is like turning the phone on and off.

Step 3: Clear the App Data. This will delete all the data stored for this App and reset the permissions for the App. So the next time you run Gruntify you will need to log in again.

Step 4: Uninstall and reinstall the latest version of the app.


To reset the Cache and Data:

  1. Go to Settings in your phone/tablet

  2. Select Apps

  3. Find and select the Gruntify App.

  4. Select Storage

  5. Click on Clear Cache or Clear Data

The screens may look different on different versions of Android but the overall process is the same. See the movie below for an idea of what your phone/tablet may look like.

Note: If your device comes up with the message “Gruntify keeps stopping” and has the “App info” option, tap on “App info” to go directly to Gruntify App Info screen and then select Storage.



Location Permission = Allow All the time

You should also ensure the Location permission is set to “Allow all the time”. If this is not turned on, then Trip Reporting and the on-screen display of the other field staff will not work properly.

If you selected “Allow only while using the app” initially, you can go into Settings, Apps, find Gruntify. Then select the Gruntify location permission and change it to “Allow all the time”. See the screenshot to the right.

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