Shapes, previously known as Objects, are used to mark out features of interest on an Asset or at a Geolocation.

When marked on an Asset, they can be used to mark out features of interest, such as a path, a playground, or a building. This is particularly useful when an Asset covers a large area and you need to refer to a particular location within the Asset, say “Demountable C” on a worksite. The user can see on the map where roughly to find the feature.

Shapes are also handy to mark out defects that need to be addressed by staff.

Shapes can also be used in conjunction with geolocation, a single latitude/longitude entry. They may be used to indicate the scope of the area to be addressed when an Asset does not exist. Again, they can be used to mark out a feature in the area or a defect to be addressed.

Shapes may be used with both Requests and Jobs.

Be aware that they may appear on your screen as either “Shapes” or “Objects”. They are the same thing.