Field Work

The Gruntify Mobile App is designed to create and update Requests in the field, accept and update Jobs as well as making Trip Reports which record where the field workers travel.

All the map features are designed to simplify recording details in the field, making use of the phone or tablets location tracking, camera, microphone, and touch screen to create an interface that feels natural to use. Having a smart device in the field supports a range of Media, including Photos and Videos and location based measurements.

It has different features to the Admin Portal (Web App) described in the Administration section, which is more about managing the forms to record data and managing the data recorded in the field. A limited set of management features, designed for Team Leaders is included in the Mobile App.

If users move into an area without network coverage, Gruntify will continue to record their details, making use of offline maps, and will automatically update (sync) with the servers when they come back into coverage.