Form Management

A form is an e-document that contains a series of tabs and fields that your field workers use for requests, jobs, or assets, and the controllers will use for reports and exports. In short, if you need to define a set of fields to indicate the data required in Gruntify, you define it as a form.

Using the Gruntify easy drag and drop form builder you can build on a ready-made form and adjust it to suit your needs or create your own form from scratch. While you are working you can save a draft and then publish the form to release it to your users when you are ready. If you need to change your existing form, it is as simple as going back to the form builder and making any changes required then re-publishing the form. 

We can also convert your existing paper forms for you. Contact the Gruntify sales team for help. 

The first two video tutorials in this section will show you how to create and publish create your own form from scratch or using a form template. Watch these two tutorials first and then delve into the others as you need the features. Note: the first two tutorials are the same movies as the Creating New Forms page in the Getting Started Trail.

Following that are tutorials that run through all the field controls and some of the configuration options that you can use in your forms. Run through these tutorials as needed and if you want a printable guide to the field controls, then download the Forms Control Guide below.



Tutorials available on forms and form options include: