Form Management

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Welcome to the Form Management section, your comprehensive guide to creating, customizing, and optimizing forms within our platform. Whether you're starting from scratch or leveraging our pre-designed templates, this section equips you with the tools to tailor forms to your exact needs.

What is a form?

A form is an e-document that contains a series of tabs and fields that your field workers use for requests, jobs, or assets, and the controllers will use for reports and exports. In short, if you need to define a set of fields to indicate the data required in Gruntify, you define it as a form.

Table of Contents

Creating, Publishing, and Editing a Form

You can either create a form starting from a blank canvas or from our library of pre-designed templates. In the Creating a Form page, we go through how to create a form from scratch and in the Creating a Form from a Form Template page, we go through the templated forms available in Gruntify.

Create an Asset form for physical items, equipment, or resources that are managed and tracked within the system. Create a Request form for one-off or impromptu requests for services, maintenance, or assistance to be submitted by an individual user. Create a Job form for specific tasks, assignments, or work orders that need to be completed in response to requests or as part of routine operations, usually completed by a team.

While you are working you can save a draft and then publish the form to release it to your users when you are ready. If you need to change your existing form, it is as simple as going back to the form builder and making any changes required then re-publishing the form. 

Form Controls

Tailor your form using form controls to suit your unique requirements. From dropdown menus to sliders, our array of options ensures your forms are user-friendly and intuitive. The Form Controls page serves as your go-to resource for mastering every form field control within our platform. Run through these tutorials as needed and if you want a printable guide to the field controls, then download the Forms Control Guide below.

Datasets, Multiselect and Dropdown Controls

This feature enhances efficiency by providing predefined options for selection, reducing errors, and ensuring consistency in data input. Datasets, Multiselect and Dropdown page details how to use this feature, allowing you to streamline data entry and improve user experience within Gruntify forms.

Other Form Features

Form creators can customize various aspects such as conditional logic, category, icon/avatar, request titles, mobile tab order, media type selection, team access, mobile editing style, and datasets for form controls through the Form Options menu. Detailed tutorials provide further insights into specific features within the Form Options page.

Conditional Logic

Form conditional logic allows you to dynamically modify form content based on user input, enhancing flexibility and user experience. In the Conditional Logic page, we simplify this process with an intuitive “Add If-Then” statement approach.

Mandatory Fields

Delve into the functionality of Mandatory Fields within Gruntify forms. Mandatory fields serve as crucial checkpoints, ensuring essential information is provided before a form can be successfully submitted.

Form Permissions

Collaborate efficiently by setting granular permissions for team members. Learn how to control who view, edit, or manage forms, maintaining data integrity and security in the Team Permissions page.

Request Editing: Content and Media

You can configure what happens when a user chooses to edit an existing request through Form Permissions. Further detail on this can be found in the Request Editing: Content and Media page.

Exporting and Importing Forms

Exporting and importing forms are particularly useful for users with multiple workspaces that use the same forms. The Exporting and Importing Forms page details how to download existing forms from a Gruntify workspace and upload the same forms in another Gruntify workspace.

Tutorials available on forms and form options include: