Gruntify Releases 2020

New Reporting Dashboard

Wednesday 16th December, 2020
Release Identifier: 20201216

Map view added to Trip Manager.

Searching by the deleted users in audit logs is now supported.

Added new fields “User who last modified the record”, and “reinspection flag” in CSV Exports.

Request editing now has “GPS accuracy” in the Location tab.

The new dashboard has been added with 3 reports initially. More reports will be added in the future. Current reports are:

  1. Most number of requests submitted

  2. Least number of requests submitted

  3. Users in Roles by teams

First and last names required for Google login.

Geolocation Updates Made Easier

Wednesday 2nd December, 2020
Release Identifier: 20201202

To make map locations easier to work with on the Apple and Android clients, users can now update the geolocation by tapping directly on the map, rather than on the pin. The back button can be used to reset locations.

Form exports (in the web-app) now support images related to the forms. Requests can be filtered on their user and requests can be copied.

Form Avatars and Bulk Request Imports

Wednesday 18th November, 2020
Release Identifier: 20201118

To help distinguish between your forms, they now have an icon, or avatar, in the web-app. The icon defaults to the form initials and a custom icon can also be set via the Form editor.

Bulk imports of Requests are now supported.

Embed Images in Forms and Excel Dates

Wednesday 4th November, 2020
Release Identifier: 20201104

Forms now allow you to add a photo or diagram to the form itself, allowing a photograph or a diagram to be used as instructions or for reference by your workers in the field while they are filling in the form.

The date/time fields in exports now support both the ISO standard date and an Excel style date, to ensure Excel is able to import the date and time fields. If you have import software that supports the ISO standard date (which contains the time zone data) then it can continue to use the ISO date.

Better Photo Viewing

Wednesday 21st October, 2020
Release Identifier: 20201021

Viewing an unloaded photo at full size is now possible directly from the Media and Form tabs on the Web (Admin) interface.

Android Mobile App now explains why access to the location while in the background is required. This is a Google requirement. For more on the Gruntify use of GPS location data, read our article Manage Your Field Workers Efficiently With GPS Tracking.

New Zealand Base Map and UI Improvements

Thursday 8th October, 2020
Release Identifier: 20201008

New Zealand high-resolution Aerial Imagery provided by  LINZ is available as a Gruntify base map. Further details available on our General News page.

General UI improvements, in particular making the Split View (Card + Map) the default for the Request, and the addition of Map Legends on a pull out control in the Web (Admin) interface.

General UI Improvements

Wednesday 23rd September, 2020
Release Identifier: 20200923

This release covers general UI improvements, in particular the Map interface in the Gruntify Web App and the sizing of columns on various resolution screens.

Google SSO

Wednesday 9th September, 2020
Release Identifier: 20200909

Google SSO is now supported on both the Gruntify Web App and the Mobile Apps.

  • The default view for the Request manager in the Gruntify Web App has been changed from Map view to Card view.

  • Hover replaced with click for view selector in ‘Request manager’ to make it easier to use on an iPad.

Measurement on Maps

Wednesday 12th August, 2020
Release Identifier: 20200812

A new Measure button has been added to the Mobile Apps. This makes three new tools available to the Field Worker - measure lines, measure areas using a polygon, and measure area using a circle. For more details see the Blog post Measurement on Maps.