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Existing Request Links can be shared from the Request Action menu while triggering a new request can be done by copying and pasting a URL manually. Watch the tutorial below to see how it is done.

When you share a link to create a new request, that link will continue to keep working in the future.

If you update the form, the Mobile App will automatically get the newest version of the form.

However, if you use the same link in the Admin Portal, you will go to the old version.

If you archive the form, or if you change the permissions on the form to take access away from someone who is using the link, then the Mobile App will inform the user that the form is no longer available.

Widget Connector

Asset and Job Links (Business Only)

Asset and Job links will need to be copied manually. To get the link, go into the Administration Portal and access the asset or job detail screen. In the browser, copy the URL for the page and then paste the URL into an email. If your browser has a “share” option, then use the Share to Email or Share to Clipboard option - this is safer than trying to copy the long URL manually.