Troubleshooting User Tracking

You may encounter issues with “disappearing” from time to time. These details on how it works should give you some ideas on why this may occur and how you can deal with the issue.

I cannot see my team members.

If you cannot see anyone else on the map, make sure your user tracking is turned on. Click options on the map screen and select the Tracking option (see left-hand picture below). The Tracking screen (right-hand picture below) will be shown. Click on the Users box to toggle viewing tracking - highlighted means users should be shown, dimmed is to hide users.

Note: Turning off the Users box does not turn off your tracking.


My tracking stopped working.

When you close the Gruntify app then the tracking will stop.

If you lose network coverage then updates cannot be sent to the cloud, and your image on the map will initially turn grey and then be removed from the map. Once you get a network connection back, your location will automatically update.

If you switch to another app on their mobile device then there is a chance that the Gruntify app will be stopped by iOS / Android. If this happens then the tracking will stop. Switching back to the Gruntify app will re-enable the tracking.

The power-saving modes on some mobile devices affect Location Services, which in turn would affect the tracking quality.

On Android, the Location Services permission must be set to “Allow All The Time”, not “Allow only while using the App”. This may be changed by going to Settings, Location and Gruntify will usually be listed on the Recent Location requests. Alternatively, go to Apps and tap on Gruntify in the list of your installed apps.

If you are having trouble with the tracking missing sections, ensure that your mobile has the Gruntify app running in the foreground while you are traveling, the phone is unlocked, and that your mobile has a reasonable charge.

If problems continue then check that you have the latest Gruntify app installed and watch for when the tracking stops (e.g. is it happening after 10 minutes, is it at a particular time or a particular place) and report these details along with the type of mobile device you are working (e.g. iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy A20) and the iOS / Android version if possible.