User Tracking

User tracking, also known as GPS tracking, is an optional feature that can be selected by Professional and Business users.

User Tracking allows Controllers in the office to see where the field workers are currently, and field workers to see who else is nearby. Their locations are based on the location service on their mobile device.

When tracking is enabled, it is turned on for all users and will report the location of staff using the Mobile app (Android and iOS). It will not show the location of staff using the Web App.



To enable tracking, an Owner should go to the Settings section and select Tracking.

You will be shown the cost per month of tracking. You will be charged per seat for tracking.

Turn on tracking by using the switch on the right (see the screen below). A confirmation will be displayed to confirm that you want to turn it on.

You can configure how often the location is updated when workers are traveling (over 5km/h) by setting the GPS Refresh Frequence.

How User Tracking Works

The Gruntify app uses the location services built into the user’s mobile device to determine the user’s location. If the user has the location service turned off, they will be prompted to turn it on before the app will run.

The Gruntify app sends its location to the Gruntify servers based on the user’s movement:

  • A User moving at under 5km/hr sends updates every 5 minutes.

  • A User moving at over 5km/hr sends updates every 15 seconds by default. This allows you to see people on the move from job to job. 

  • After 16 minutes, the user is assumed inactive and their image turns grey on the map.

  • After 2 hours, the user is assumed to no longer be at that location and is removed from the map.


The follow advice can be given to the Field Worker if they are having trouble with tracking in the field. The same advice is available on the User Tracking (Field Staff) page.