Elastic Search in Gruntify

What is Elastic Search?

Elasticsearch makes it so that it’s going to be a lot easier and quicker for you to navigate and find exactly what request you’re looking for among thousands of other requests by handling larger volumes of data a lot faster than before.

Gruntify is moving to use the Elasticsearch search engine for how we store and retrieve our forms, requests, jobs and everything in between! This allows for greater flexibility and efficiency when serving your needs.

How does this change affect me?

A New Table View:

Implementing Elasticsearch has let Gruntify upgrade the table view to allow for some new features and a brand new look. Some new features included are:

  • Filtering by Form Data

  • Displaying Form Data in the Table View

  • Pinning columns for ease of navigation

  • The ability to filter Form Data with exciting new filters such as:

    • Whether it does or does not contain certain elements

    • Filtering a specific range of values

    • And much more!

The below expansion showcases some screenshots of the new table view in different contexts.

The new looks focuses on usability and visibility while maintaining a sleek aesthetic
The new table view allows you to filter by form entries like never before!