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I already have paper forms for my organization - how can I get them into Gruntify?

(1) Use our built-in form builder. We have a drag and drop form builder designed for computer savvy but not IT trained people. With this, you can create your own forms (as well as customizing forms from our Form Template Library). The Form Management section of the Help Center will show you how to use the form builder.

(2) We can convert your existing paper forms for you. This may be more efficient than doing it yourself. Contact the Gruntify sales team for help. 

Is there any way to export a list from Excel into Gruntify for my drop-down boxes?

Yes, there is! Use custom data sets. In the form editor look at the panel to the left of the form and choose the icon that looks like an organizational chart. This will bring up the custom data sets entry. You can download our sample file for the format and convert your Excel data into this format and upload the data, or you can copy and paste it into the editing window and format it there. 

What happens when I edit a form? Why do my old requests look different to my new requests after I edited a form?

Gruntify allows you to add or remove fields from a form. But then the data collected in the past may not fit the new form properly. 

For example, where would you see the values entered in the past on the removed fields?

Leaving the new fields blank isn't right either. For example, if the new field was a Mandatory Yes/No answer to "Is there sprinklers fitted?" you can't just assume either a yes or no answer for pre-existing data.

To avoid this problem, Gruntify makes a new version of your form and automatically matches the data to the form used when the data was collected. So, if the data was collected before the sprinkler field was added then the sprinkler entry does not appear on the form. If the data was collected after the sprinkler field was added, it does appear on the form.


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