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 Logins and User Profiles

How do I make my web login not expire, or expire after X minutes of inactivity?

Start by logging into the Web Portal and click Settings.

Under General Settings, there will be an option “Enable Timeout Limit”

Turn this off if you don’t want your logins to expire, otherwise turn it on and enter your desired timeout.

For more information, see the Settings page under Administration.

I have created my account using “Login in with Microsoft” or “Login in with Apple”. Can I switch to using an email address? 

No, you would need to create a new user account.

If you are using Gruntify Professional and you are an owner you should create the new account, go into your old account and assign the new account the same roles as the old account. Then you can switch to using the new account. 

If you were invited to use Gruntify via email, ask your administration users to send you a new email invite and set up a new account from the email invite. 

How do I log in using my Google account? I cannot see a “Continue with Google” option. 

Use the “SIGN UP WITH EMAIL” option and enter your Google email address. You will need to create a password for Gruntify. 


How can I change the name of my workspace?

You can't. You will need to pick your name carefully when it is set up. 



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