Creating a Form from a Form Template

Business Professional

This article will explain how to create a form using the Gruntify Form Template Library. A video tutorial is also available below.

Only Requests have Form Templates. To create Job and Asset Forms, you will need to start from a blank form.

Form Template Library

The form template library has forms ready for use, suitable for a range of industries including 3 1 1, Agriculture, Aviation, Construction & Engineering, Government, Green Energy, Health & Safety, Property & Tenancy, Environment, Facilities Management, Rapid Damage Assessment, Water & Utilities.

  1. To access the form template library, simply Create a New Form by going to Forms > Add New Form > Request.

  1. You can choose among a wide array of form templates from our library. To search for a form, you can type in the search field, or filter by industry.

  1. Click on your desired template to view the pre-selected fields that make up the form.

  1. You can publish the form as is or edit the fields to suit your needs better, save as draft and publish when you’re ready.

Video Tutorial

The video tutorial below will explain how to find a form in the Form Template Library and use the form in your own workspace.

If you have not viewed the tutorial Create a Form then watch that tutorial first as it gives a good introduction to the Gruntify Drag and Drop Form Builder.