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    Welcome to Gruntify! This guide will help you get started with our platform, covering essential information about forms, fieldwork, workspaces, and choosing the right plan for your needs. Follow the Getting Started Trail to create your own functional workspace for your organization!

    Table of Contents

    Digitizing your Business Process: Forms, Workflow, Field Work and Workspaces

    Gruntify Smart Forms

    Forms are integral to business operations, serving various purposes like to-do lists, job requirements, and invoices. Gruntify simplifies form management by offering premade templates and allowing administrators to create and manage custom forms effortlessly. No complex data setup is needed; forms define the collected data and report formats. Field workers use these forms for data collection, selecting, filling, and saving them using the Gruntify Mobile App. Data is automatically timestamped and location recorded.

    Request and Job Workflows

    Gruntify can model workflows ranging from simple Create → Accept/Reject processes to complex ones managing request and job creation. professional In many cases, businesses require straightforward workflows where a request is created by a fieldworker and then either accepted or rejected by their supervisor. Business For businesses with more intricate operations, Gruntify offers the capability to model complex workflows that involve multiple steps and decision points. This could involve stages such as initial request submission, review and approval processes, assignment of tasks to specific teams or individuals, scheduling, resource allocation, and more.

    Field Work

    Field data collection is facilitated by the Gruntify Mobile App, compatible with various devices. Field workers can be organized into teams based on location or equipment requirements. The Gruntify Web App aids in data review, report generation, and system administration for office-based staff.


    All activities within Gruntify occur within a Workspace. Multiple workspaces allow for independent management of users, forms, and data for different organizational groups, ensuring data separation and management efficiency.

    Gruntify Professional vs Business: Requests vs Jobs?

    Now you have some idea of what Gruntify offers, we can look at the choices you can make when it comes to selecting the right Gruntify product for you. Gruntify offers two main options for data collection: Requests and Jobs.

    • Requests: These are ideal for simple workflows, such as one-off inspections or tasks that can be completed in one visit. Field workers or office controllers can easily create a new request, fill in the form, upload media, assign it to a location, and save it. More information on request workflows is available on the Using Requests page.

    • Jobs: Jobs offer a more advanced solution for complex workflows. They can be allocated to field staff based on skills and equipment requirements and are connected to the organization's assets. Jobs support automatic time tracking and can be scheduled to repeat using recurring schedules. Detailed information on jobs can be found on the Using Jobs page.

    Requests are related to individual staff members whereas jobs are allocated to teams.

    The table below gives a comparison of the functionality available. In short, if the simple Request workflow meets your needs, go Professional. If you need the extra features available with Jobs, go Business. Real-time GPS tracking is available on both plans.

    See our Pricing page for a full listing of features and costs.



    Need a solution that is more tailored to your business? An Enterprise subscription with us allows you to select from either Professional or Business functionalities and add Custom Branding, Custom Automated Workflow, other Automated Agents, and Dedicated Servers. For volume discounts, contact us now!

    Gruntify System Architecture

    What do I need to run Gruntify?

    Gruntify has two different clients designed to support primarily fieldwork or primarily administrations. The bare minimum you need to run Gruntify is a tablet with an up-to-date browser and an internet connection.


    All the data storage and processing are done in the cloud, so you need Internet access. Data can be stored in the short term on a smart device for upload to the cloud later but eventually, your users will need to connect to share data. Access to all of the systems in the Cloud box in the diagram above is handled by the Gruntify clients automatically. All you need to do is log into Gruntify and it does the rest.


    The Gruntify Mobile App, designed to be used in the field runs on Android and iOS devices, both smartphone and tablet.

    The Gruntify Web App, which is designed for managing the requests & jobs, and general administration, rather than direct data collection, runs in a browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc) so it can run on a tablet (iPad, Surface, Galaxy, etc), on a laptop or on a desktop PC. While it will run on a smartphone, the screen size makes it impractical for everyday use, although it could be done occasionally when needed to do an urgent task.

    You can use third-party applications, such as Microsoft Excel and Power BI to access Gruntify data via OData for reporting purposes. The hardware needed for this access is determined by the third-party software, rather than Gruntify. For Excel and Power BI, a laptop or desktop is probably the easiest.

    Follow the Getting Started Trail

    Work through the following tutorials to see how to sign up for Gruntify, create your first forms and set up your users. Later tutorials will cover these aspects in more detail as well as other Gruntify features. Or you can use the links on this page, or on the Knowledge Base menu on the left-hand side to jump straight to a detailed tutorial. Step 1 describes a Property Maintenance company and the tutorials will follow through the setup of this company in Gruntify.