Request Editing: Content and Media

Business Professional

On the form permissions tab, you can configure what happens when a user chooses to edit an existing request.

Using the drop-down menu, there are three options:

  1. Existing Request Data: Edit the existing request and use the existing data. This updates the original request.

  2. Blank Request: Edit the existing request but blank out all the data. This updates the original request.

  3. Copy to New Request: Duplicate the request and edit the new copy. This updates the copy.

Below the drop-down menu is the “Clone Existing Media” toggle.

  • Make sure you turn this toggle on to keep any photos, videos, etc attached to the request when your users edit a request - irrespective of which editing option you use.

Even if you have selected Existing Request Data, you must turn on the “Clone Existing Media”. If you do not turn it on, the field worker will get a filled-in form but will be missing the pictures and movies.

If you have selected “Existing Request Data” and toggled “Clone Existing Media” then any signatures are kept.

If you have selected “Blank Request” or “Copy to New Request” and toggled “Clone Existing Media” then the field worker will need to get new signatures.