Form Options

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This page outlines the available form options within Gruntify as seen in the screenshot below. Refer to specific tutorials for in-depth guidance on controls and options.

  • Form Builder. The form builder section is where you drag form controls to the form canvas to create your form. You can visit this link for more details on how to Create a Form or this link for more details on Form Controls.

  • Conditions. In relation to the fields you’ve dragged and dropped to the form canvas, you can make certain questions conditional based on values entered in previous fields. You can visit the Conditional Logic help page for more information on this feature.

  • Settings. The settings option can vary depending on whether the form is for a Request, a Job, or an Asset. For all form types, you will be able to set a Category and add an Icon or Avatar for the form (minimum 256 x 256 pixels, maximum 512 x 512 pixels, PNG or JPG file formats).

    • For Request forms, you can select the field that will stand as the Request Title. Note: Only Text Fields, Text Areas and Dropdowns outside a Repeater can be used as request titles. You can also select the Default Location Option when creating a new Request, which can either be a location the user selects (Geolocation) or an Asset.

    • For Job forms, you can toggle on the Pre Work Form which can be a requirement for Workers to complete before undertaking work. The Pre Work Form can be built in the same manner as the Work Form. Like the Request forms, you can also select whether you want the Default Location Option to be a Geolocation or an Asset.

    • For Asset forms, you will be required to select a Geometry Type for the asset. This will either be a Point, Line, or a Polygon.

  • Menus

    • For Request forms, the Menu options contains the Show Details Tab toggle. When switched on, this allows a Job to be created from the Request raised. For more information on Creating a Job from a Request, visit the link.

    • For Jobs and Requests, you can rearrange the order in which a worker creates a request by dragging Media/Form/Location according to the order you like.

  • Media

    • For Media Options, you can select which Media Types you would like to see: Photo, Gallery, Video, Audio, Drawing.

    • You can also set the Total Media Size Limit (in Megabytes).

    • The Photo Location & Date may be set as required/optional and may/may not be changed.

    • You can also set the Max Video and Audio Length (in seconds).

    • You may require at least one Media file to be attached.

  • Permissions. You can set who/which Team can Create, Edit, and View the form here. For more information on Permissions, click the link.


  • Datasets. Datasets are used for Dropdown and Multi Select form controls (max length of dataset filename is 50 characters). For more information on Datasets, click the link.

Video Tutorial

These options are managed from the Form Options menu when editing a Form. This tutorial will give you an overview of the options.