Create the Organization

If you are trying to set up an Enterprise level Gruntify system, contact us for more details.

To sign up for Gruntify, you will need:

  • An email address to create a Primary Owner account. This account has primary access to the setup and billing. You can set up further Owner accounts but there is only ever one Primary Owner. This account may use an Apple, Google, or Microsoft account and login with those credentials, or use any email address and create a Gruntify password.

  • Whether or not you want a Professional or Business account. You can switch a Professional account to a Business account later if needed.

  • A name for your initial Workspace. The workspace name must be unique to this user. If you try to create a workspace with a previously used name (even a name of a deleted workspace) you will get an error telling you that the name is already used.

The initial setup must be done using the Gruntify Web App in a browser. The Gruntify Mobile App does not have the necessary user and billing administration functionality. You can download the Mobile App and start by creating your account and then you will be sent an email. The link in this email will continue the process in your browser.

If you are working your way through the Getting Started tutorial trail, go on to Step 3: Users, Roles and Teams.