Beautiful Homes: An Example


The tutorials feature a property maintenance company called Beautiful Homes. Run by Rey Bello, they have staff divided into two areas - Horticulture and General Maintenance. The tutorials will show you how Rey sets up Gruntify and how Rey and the other staff members use Gruntify day-to-day.

Staff and Roles

Rey considered having two workspaces, keeping Horticulture and General Maintenance completely separate but decided to have one workspace but split the company into teams as shown below. Having one workspace means the field workers can see who is nearby, useful if they need an extra pair of hands for a tricky task and for safety if a worker has to attend a site alone. The two managers are responsible for their staff but with one workspace they can cover for each other if needed.

Horticultural Services is also broken into North and South, so that tasks can be allocated out on the basis of location as well as their equipment. The General Maintenance team covers a range of skills, so their tasks are allocated on an accreditation basis.

The office is co-located with the Beeutiful Garden Centre and all the equipment for the City North Team and the General Maintenance team is stored there. City South Team stores their equipment at Ava’s wholesale nursery Speciality Roses.


Rey Bello. Gruntify Role: Primary Owner


Horticultural Services

Manager: Theresa (Teri) Green. Gruntify Role: Controller



City North Team: Amar Patel, Mark Flynn. Gruntify Role: Worker

Accreditations: Horticultural Care Diploma


City South Team: Ava Forrest, Jayden Lee. Gruntify Role: Worker

Accreditations: Horticultural Care Diploma


General Maintenance

Manager: Jim Lewis. Gruntify Role: Controller

Accreditation: Pest Inspector & Plumber


Matt Martinez (Plumber), Holly Nguyen (Electrician), Alex Knight (Carpenter), Priya Williams (IoT Specialist). Gruntify Role: Worker


If you are working your way through the Getting Started tutorial trail, go on to Step 2: Create the Organization.