Recurring Schedules

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To set up a recurring schedule, you can create a job and enable ‘Make job recurring’ in the Time step as shown in the screenshot below. This will then reveal the recurring scheduling set-up fields detailed here.

Job Time Frame

Job Time Frame dropdown selection

Jobs can be set to be done on a particular day of the week, month of the year, or over a set number of years.

Custom job time frame disables the “Ends After“ option and must have a set end date and a set number of occurrences. The given number of jobs will be scheduled between the start and end date with an approximately even number of days for each job. Most other advanced options are also disabled.

Recurring Jobs Time Advanced Options

Service Threshold

If the Service Threshold option is enabled, jobs are not created spanning the entire job time frame. When a job is completed, the next job is scheduled based on the date the previous job is completed.

For this example, Service Threshold is enabled and the Job Time Frame is set to 14 days after.

  • The first job's time frame is set from 01/01 to 14/01 and is completed on 10/01

  • The second job will be created with a start date of 24/01 - 14 days after the previous job was completed.

Normally, the job will be created with the same start and end date.

If "Days Before" is set, the next job's start date will be that many days earlier. If "Days After" is set, the next job's end date will be that many days later.

Following the above example, if "Days Before" is set to 2, and "Days After" is set to 3:

  • The job's start date will be 22/01

  • The job's end date will be 27/01

Days Before and Days After allow adjusting the length of the job - the number of days before the anniversary date, and the number of days after.

Ending the Schedule

Job occurrences can be set to end in multiple ways depending on your needs:

  • End on a specific date

  • End after a specific number of occurrences

  • Never end until you stop the schedule.

Once saved, Recurring Schedules appear as items after All Jobs in the sidebar menu as pictured below. These schedules can be placed on hold temporarily or cancelled when needed.