Job Bulk Import

Bulk Import allows you to create a batch of Jobs in Gruntify using a spreadsheet.

For example, you may have 100 garden bed assets in the system that require monthly maintenance. The work involved is the same for all the garden beds, but the day to schedule the work the first time varies.

You can set up the Job Template for this maintenance then download the Excel Job Template file. Fill in this file for all 100 assets and set up the basic schedule details. Most details will be the same so you can do a lot of copy and pasting. Then upload the jobs into Gruntify and 100 jobs may be created in one go.

You can even leave all the jobs as Draft, ready for the controllers to action them as required.

Bulk Import is only available to users with an Owner role.


You download an Excel template for a particular Job Template form, enter the Job details in the template file, upload the Excel file and start the Import processing. The import can take a while so you can go and do other things while it processes. When it completes, you will be sent an email containing the results of the import.

Updating the Excel File

When you open the Excel file, you should be prompted to turn on Macros. Turn on Macros on if you can as it makes data entry easier.

  • Do not change any of the heading rows.

  • You must start your data entry on the colored row, which is row 6.

  • Before editing copy row 6 and using Fill, Down, copy this line down the file for as many jobs as you will need. This populates the rows with the validation and drop-downs.

  • The fields in the dark orange must be completed.

  • The fields in yellow are optional.

  • The fields in grey are only used for recurring schedules. Leave blank for a one-off job.

  • “Draft” should be set to Yes or No. If you want to delay a job being scheduled and activate it later, set Draft to Yes.

  • The drop-down menus only work if you chose "Enable Macros". If Macros are disabled, then copy the text from the Data tab to fill in the fields on the first sheet.

  • Do not edit the Data worksheet.