Pending Review and Rejected Status

Professional Business Enterprise

Pending Review

What is Pending Review?

When a team in the field marks a job as completed, it is locked as the final state. This cannot be reversed. To accommodate the ability to assess, edit and mark as reviewed, the Pending Review state exists optionally before Completed.

Whether or not this status is to be used will be enabled on the Job Template settings. By default Pending Review is disabled as shown in the image.

When left disabled, all jobs using the associated job template will be Completed when a user completes the job and that state will be finalised.

When enabled, all jobs using the associated job template will enter a Pending Review state to be reviewed by a Controller or other Supervisor Role. If the job is not completed properly, it can be reassigned. If a job is found to be complete, the job can then be marked as Completed by the reviewer.

Workflows and Selective Reviewing Enterprise

If only some jobs from a particular template need to be reviewed, workflows can be used.

You may write a workflow that detects the state change to Field Completed and check the form data and, if appropriate, auto reviews the job and pushes it through to Complete state.

Users would be able to see that a particular job is auto-reviewed in the Job’s audit log.

Rejecting Jobs

What is the Rejected Status used for?

When a job is rejected from the mobile device, the job state updates to “Unassigned”. This makes it very difficult to discern jobs which require reassignment and jobs which need further investigation due to rejection.

The Rejected state is used to the identify jobs that need reassignment versus initial assignment. Users will be able to see them as Rejected jobs on the map with their own color and status as well as are able to quickly filter for Rejected Jobs using the Job Status control bar.