A Depot is a location associated with Teams, and hence Equipment. If you are using Jobs, you must assign your field staff into Teams, and Teams to Depots. If you do not have any Depot equivalents in your organization, you will need to create at least one dummy Depot for Jobs to work.

If you are not using Jobs, you do not need to set up Depots.

If the term Depot is not right for your organization, you can change it to Station or Site using the workspace Settings screen. Any references to Depot throughout Gruntify will change to the chosen term.

The diagram below shows the relationship between Depots, Teams, Equipment and Staff.

Depots support custom parameters, allowing you to add new field entries to your Depot details. This is handy to capture Depot details that are important to your organization but do not play a role in the Gruntify’s Job allocation logic.

This tutorial will show you how to add, edit, remove and customize depots.