Filters and Queries

Filters are used to restrict a list of requests, assets, or jobs to those that match search criteria.

More than one filter criteria can be applied at a time, and then the set of filter criteria saved as a Query and then reused time and time again.

Request Filters: Date of Request, unique Request Reference, Area, Form and Form Data, User and Client Reference.

Asset Filters: Form and Form Data, Area, Customer Asset ID

Job Filters: Expected Start and End Dates, Actual Start and End Dates, Job Template and Form Data, Priority, unique Job Reference, Resource (which is the Team assigned to the Job), and Client Reference.


The video tutorial below will explain how to set up filters and queries in further detail. 


Preserve Mobile Filters until Logout

Release Identifier: 20220324

  • Filters are saved for all the manager screen filters (request, asset, job). The filters remain saved until the user switches workspace or logs out.

    • If the user switches workspace the filters are cleared.

    • When the user logs out, all filters are cleared.

  • Check that manager screen filters are persistent against app being shutdown:

    • Log in to mobile and set up a filter on request, asset and job.

    • Restart the phone and all the filters should still set up.

    • Switch to another workspace and all the filters should be cleared.

    • Set up new filters on request, asset and job.

    • Logout and then Login as the same user.

    • All the filters should be cleared.