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  • Work Regions

    Available for Professional Business Enterprise

    Work Regions allow you to group Requests and Users by geographical areas. Work Regions do not apply to any Job functionality.

    To create a work region, you firstly need to create a Custom Map Layer that has the following characteristics:

    • a polygon or multi-polygon layer

    • no more than 256 polygons/multi-polygons

    • the polygons have an attribute called ‘name’ (case insensitive).

    • when you create the layer, you must set the Work Region Access option to ‘on’.

    You can then assign those regions to users or teams. Those users will only be able to see requests that are contained within their allocated regions on the mobile app and in the web-app.

    Make sure that the polygons in the region layer have a name property. If they do not have this property, you will not be able to use it as a work region.

    Map Layers and Work Regions Video

    The video below goes into detail on how to add a custom map layer, turn it into a work region and assign it to a team.

    More details about custom map layers can be found here.