Assets on the Mobile App

Asset Overview

Assets are fixed geographical locations, representing real-world items used to define entities as the location of a job or a request as an alternative to Geolocations indicated by Latitude and Longitude.

Examples of Assets: In a park, assets could be the garden beds, paths, playgrounds, buildings, or a statue where as a power utility company might have power poles and substations as assets.

Assets can be used as the location for either a Job or a Request.

Assets will usually be set up in advance in the office and once set up do not change very often. But you may be sent out in the field to document a new asset, update the asset details or do perform work on the asset.

Note on Permissions: Not all staff have the appropriate permissions to create and edit Assets. If you don’t have them then the plus button on the Asset screen and the Edit options will not appear on your screen. Contact your supervisor or Gruntify administration if you need these settings added.

Asset Geometry

Asset geometry is selected when the Asset Form is created to represent differently-shaped assets.

Assets come in three types:

A point asset can be used to represent objects like power poles or statues.

Asset Details, Media and Attributes

When Assets are created, you can add extra details to help you define and differentiate assets.

Asset Details

Details contain data entered into the Asset Form when it was created and only shows two fields on the Mobile App. These two fields are the Asset Name and Customer Asset ID. These fields are Read-Only on Mobile but are able to be edited on the Web App if you have proper permissions.

Asset Media

Assets are able to have media attached to them to help identify the asset.

Asset Attributes

Asset Attributes are Form Builder Elements that Form Creators are able to Drag and Drop to add descriptive Elements and variation control to different elements. This may include form elements such as Text, Dropdown Boxes or Multiselect Options.

Asset Shapes

Asset shapes are pieces of asset geometry that can be placed alongside regular asset geometry to mark significant points as part of the asset.

These shapes can be given an identifying name and are differently-coloured to set them apart from other aspects of the asset.

Asset Activity and History

The Activity Tab of an asset can be used to see how the asset has changed since it was created. You can see the history of changes as well of what exactly was changed, when and by whom.

In addition, you can also use this tab to see all jobs and requests that use this asset. This is especially useful to be able to search through all related jobs and requests if you only know what the related asset is for them.

Video Example

This video goes over the above information and will show you how to use assets effectively in a related example with use cases similar to how you would use them: