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  • Report templates

    Reports are summaries of requests, jobs, or assets.

    Default reports show all the fields for the linked form. They also show the location, who generated the report, and details such as who submitted the request.

    How to create your own Report Templates

    Report Templates can be found from the sidebar: Settings > Report Templates.

    From there, you can create report formats detailed below.

    Report Formats

    • PDF Reports are useful to create readable reports.

    • CSV Reports can be used to transfer the data to Excel.

    • GeoJSON Reports are used to transfer location-based data to another computer system. This is useful if you have created many Assets in Gruntify and wish to import them to another system, or need to match up Asset-based reports to data in another system.

    The PDF Report Template Options

    Report Options

    Below are an explanation of the Report Options pictured above.

    Please click an option to expand it.

    • On Top shows all images on a page along with the map

    • Feature Image Only shows only the main image with the map

    • The default layout is one line per field when possible

    • Turning on the tabular layout creates a table with more than one field per line, which can work out shorter depending on your data

    Enable this if you would like to include drawn annotations that field workers have done on the included photos.

    Enable this if you would like repeaters to have a page break at the end of each instance.

    This works well if you create multiple repeater items or record large amounts of data in each repeater.


    Enable this if you would like to hide form fields that were left empty.

    Leaving this disabled means that form controls are included even if there is no entered data.

    Report Logos

    Gruntify allows you to set a report logo that will be displayed on the top-left header of every page of an exported PDF Report.

    It is recommended to use a horizontal logo with transparent background with a size of 256px wide or larger. The image will be scaled to fit into the space automatically.


    You may also set a custom disclaimer or footer message that will appear at the footer of the title page of all PDF exports.

    There is a character limit of 1000 characters when setting this disclaimer.

    The movie tutorial below will explain how to create a Field Intelligence report template and then the video in will show you how to use the report template.