Web Media Viewer & Photo Versioning


Web Media Viewer

The Media tab is used to attach media to forms as a way to support form information. It is available for Requests, Jobs and Assets.

It is also worth mentioning that the Media tab is separate from images and media stored in Forms.

We support the formats listed Here.


The Gruntify Web App supports adding new media by:

  • Clicking the Add Media button and selecting the media items to upload

  • Click and dragging media items onto the add media box

  • Copy and pasting media via keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V)

A screenshot of the media tab of a new request.

Media Metadata

Media properties and metadata associated with the media item in focus is viewable in the sidebar on the right once a media item is uploaded and in focus. This allows you to see and in

Media Properties and Metadata Highlighted


Photo Versioning

The Photo Version function allows users to directly compare media at certain points in time. As an example, there could be a photo taken before a request has taken place, at the time of the request and another some time after the request: This would create a Before version, a Main version and an After version.

This feature helps users to review the corresponding Before, Main and After while placing them in an appropriate context. Category names are customisable and can be set in the media section of form builder.

To enable photo versions:

  • Go to the Form builder and click Media menu.

  • Turn Photo Versions switch on.

  • Set the Main photo category name.

  • If you need Before/After photo, check the respective box and set Category name and select image Location & Date preference.

  • Save the changes and publish the form.

  • Create a request and add the media. The photo uploaded will be Main image.

  • To add Before/After to the Main image, drag the photo over main image where an option will come up to insert the photo as either:

    • Before

    • After

  • Follow the same steps to other photos with Before/After versions.

Selecting an image and marking it as the feature image will make it the preferred image to be shown when seeing the request in the card view.

By default, the featured image will be the first non-version photograph in the list of media.

Video & Audio Player

The Gruntify Media Player also allows you to play, stop and review audio or video while viewing the request. By default, Gruntify allows a maximum of 15 seconds of video. This limit is customisable in the form settings.